Thursday, August 21, 2008

Edwin's Story

Today I received a copy of the fascinating book Edwin's Story and a Vousden family tree that takes a contemporary family back to Richard Vousden (1735-1807), my 5 x great grandfather's brother.

Edwin left a handwritten account of his life through to the early 1930s.

Edwin Vousden (1859-1936) was born in Brenchley, worked on a farm from the age of 11, and then went into service as a groom, working in London and Gloucestershire. Finally, in 1897, he became a baker and grocer in the village of Liddington, Wiltshire.

The family tree and the information in the book add greatly to my knowledge of the Brenchley branch of the Vousdens, started when Edwin's great grandfather Richard left Goudhurst to marry Mary Jarrett there in 1759.

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